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ZoomTee Course Software Features

The heart of the ZoomTee system is the golf club staff software. This software allows you staff to manage all aspects of tee time booking, rentals and getting players out on the course.

Book Tee Times

Through simple, clean entry forms your staff can search for available tee times and make bookings. Existing bookings can be changed or cancelled. The system displays how many players in each party have paid. Customer information is easy to retrieve in case you need to call the customer if, for example, he or she is late.

Book Rentals

ZoomTee allows your staff to make rental bookings at the time of the tee time reservation or at anytime thereafter. Rentals can be made at the rental desk "on the fly". Rental inventory is tracked to ensure adequate supply when the customer arrives.

Check Rentals In & Out

The software provides functions to check rentals in and out. It also flags overdue rentals so that you can track them down quickly.

Manage Memberships

The ZoomTee system allows you to enter and maintain your membership lists. Having accurate contact information for your members facilitates marketing and promotion. It also allows you to contact members if they fail to check in so you can re-assign their tee times if necessary.

Assist Starter

The starter functions let the starter see the current booking situation and to rearrange parties to complete foursomes and compensate for no-shows. The stand-by list is displayed to the starter so that he or she can easily use it to complete foursomes. The starter also sees the payment status for each party and can send players who haven't paid back to the pro shop.

1st Tee Plus Status Displays

You can choose to mount one or more attractive status display monitors in the clubhouse to show the next four foursomes to tee off, as well as the tee time availablity for parties of one, two, three or four players. This helps players get to the tee box on time and reduces the number of questions directed to course staff.

Manage Stand-Bys

Sending out complete foursomes is a key to driving course revenue. ZoomTee manages a list of stand-by players for you and makes it easy for the starter to use stand-by players to complete foursomes.

Customer History

The system maintains a history of each member's bookings, no shows, profile changes, staff comments etc. allowing you to offer superior service to your returning guests.

Manage Leagues

The system maintains lists of league members and allows you to appoint volunteer league managers who can maintain this information through the customer web site. The system allows you to block particular tee times so that only people that meet certain criteria, including membership in a league, can play.

Sunrise/Sunset Calculation

You can specify first and last tee times for each day, or ZoomTee can calculate them automatically based on the sunrise and sunset times at your precise location.

Manage Pricing

ZoomTee allows great flexibility in pricing rules allowing us to accommodate virtually any pricing plan. Our consultants will work with you to ensure that ZoomTee implements your policies properly.

Print Tee Sheets

When you want a paper tee sheet, it's easy to print one from ZoomTee.

Standing Bookings

ZoomTee makes it easy to enter standing bookings for your members.

Blocked Tee Times

Tee times can be blocked off according to rules that you specify, based on the player's age, gender, league membership or course membership.

Rainchecks/Prepaid Rounds

The system keeps a record of each customer's prepaid rounds and rainchecks.  You can sell prepaid rounds to bring in additional cash flow.


Each of your staff members can be given a user name and password. You can control which functions each user can perform. A history is maintained so that you can see which staff member made particular bookings or changes to customer records.

Time Synchronization

All times in the system are synchronized with official government time servers to ensure that your golf course operates "on time".