How It Works

The ZoomTee Appliance

The ZoomTee Appliance is the heart of the ZoomTee system. It is a unique combination of hardware and software engineered specifically to meet the needs of golf courses. Expressly designed not to require professional IT support, it is easy to maintain.

The ZoomTee Appliance is connected to PCs at reception, the rental desk, the starter's hut and wherever else you require access. It provides the ZoomTee Course Application functions. Because it is located at your golf course, the Course Application remains functional and responsive even if your Internet connection stops working, so that you can continue to run your golf course.

The ZoomTee Operations Center

The ZoomTee Operations Center is a secure facility operated by ZoomTee. Golfers who wish to make web bookings follow a link from your web site that directs them to our Operations Center. We run a custom web site there for each golf course. This web site communicates with the ZoomTee Appliance located at your golf course in order to make bookings. As bookings are made by the web site, they appear immediately on your displays at the golf course

The Operations Center processes the customers' credit card transactions. Because we handle the credit card transactions, you don't need to deal with the security requirements for accepting credit cards over the Internet.

From the Operations Center, our support personnel also have the ability to connect to your ZoomTee Appliance in order to solve problems and perform updates, back-ups and other maintenance tasks.